Devotions for the Man in the Mirror (formerly titled Walking with Christ in the Details of Life and also titled, I Surrender – Published in 1990)

Written from a businessman’s perspective, this book of 75 devotional readings will help you develop a Christian life view. Join Pat in the escape from Cultural Christianity as you learn to surrender to Christ in every area.


Discipleship for the Man in the Mirror (formerly titled The Rest of your Life – Published in 1992)

The purpose of this book is to guide you to greater meaning and purpose on your Christian journey through the study of basic Christian doctrine. You’ll be able to apply Biblical principles to every area of your life.


Devotions for Couples (formerly titled Two Part Harmony – published in 1994)

Your intimacy as a couple will be strengthened as you share the thoughts contained in these classic pages. Pat helps both of you through the delicate art of communication to a deeper understanding and the openness you long to achieve.


 The Seven Seasons of the Man in the Mirror (published in 1995)

In this book you will find encouragement as you explore both the hidden dangers and opportunities for personal growth in the seven seasons of your life. Topics include Reflection, Building, Crisis, Renewal, Rebuilding, Suffering, and Success.


 Understanding Your Man in the Mirror (formerly titled What Husbands wish their Wives Knew about Men – published in 1998)

Patrick Morley talks to women about men from a man’s perspective, to help you understand your husband’s motives, desires, and daily struggles.


Second Half for the Man in the Mirror (published in 1999)

This book gives practical ideas for making the journey ahead even more fulfilling than the one behind. Full of wise, biblical observations from a man who understands men, this book addresses twenty crucial concerns of life’s second half.


Ten Secrets for the Man in the Mirror (published in 2000)

Patrick’s book will help you examine the idea of true happiness, using biblical insights. You will explore the “blockage points” that can keep you from the joy God intends. Let God lead the way, and discover the happiness you’ve always longed for!


The Young Man in the Mirror (published in 2003)

This book is a door for young men in High school, a rite of passage, that will teach what it means to be a man, how to get along with their family members, how to treat young women, how to handle sexual temptation, and how to find God's will for their lives.


Dad in the Mirror (by Patrick Morley and David Delk – published in 2003)

A blue print for men who want to break the cycle of past fathering mistakes and create a new, heart-centered pattern for healthy and loving family life.


No Man Left Behind (by Patrick Morley, David Delk, and Brett Clemmer – published in 2006)

A spiritual reformation of society starts with a spiritual reformation of men. But making disciples—men who are walking with Christ, living like Christ, and working for Christ—is hard. Drawing upon thirty years of research and work with more than 2,500 churches, the authors offer a proven strategy that will help you disciple every man in your church.


A Man’s Guide to the Spiritual Disciplines – 12 Habits to Strengthen Your Walk with Christ (published in 2007)

The issues facing men today require solutions beyond just regular church attendance. It takes discipline and determination to keep faith strong. This book will give men the tools they need to reflect Christ in all aspects of their lives.


The Marriage Prayer (by Patrick Morley and David Delk – published in September 2008)

Marriage is the most significant human relationship we ever experience. Yet many people do not think about how a great marriage happens and why. That’s what the Marriage Prayer is all about. By focusing on faithfulness, priorities purpose, unity and attitude. By providing case studies, quizzes, and questions for discussion and reflection, and by encouraging couples through conversations and prayer.


Pastoring Men (published in December 2008)

No man fails on purpose, yet our society is wrought with the results. And our well-intentioned solutions often don't deal with the root issue. What solution does Pastoring Men offer? To disciple men. The purpose of Pastoring Men is to equip you to effectively reach all of your men. Men are hard to reach. But be assured-if you do, they will change the world.


How to Survive the Economic Meltdown (published 2008)

We're all asking the same question, "How can I survive the current crisis?" How to Survive the Economic Meltdown, will help you understand what is happening, how to get back on track, and offers more than 30 spiritual and practical strategies to not only survive but grow during this crisis.


A Man’s Guide to Work (published January 2010)

No matter what the color of their collar, men will be introduced to principles which provide a better understanding of themselves and how to be most effective and valuable in their chosen career.


Man Alive (published in January 2012)

You Don’t Have to Settle For Less. Is your faith meeting your needs? No? Then follow Morley on an exciting path to spiritual transformation! Leading you to fresh encounters with God's Word, he identifies seven deeply felt needs of men today. Discover Pat Morley’s biblical, practical, and motivating plan to leave spiritual mediocrity behind and live a life of purpose and power.


Is Christianity for You? (published March 2013)

A lot of genuine, sincere people have honest questions - even doubts - about God, the Bible and Christianity. In this book, Patrick Morley takes you on a tour of four belief systems, or "worldviews" - secular, moral, religious, and Christian - then clearly explains why the Christian worldview makes the most sense. Available as a free download, and in cases of 12 and 48.


How God Makes Men (published in November 2013)

10 epic stories of the Bible’s most talked-about men. 10 proven principles—based on their failures and successes—that show how God works in a man’s life, and how you can cooperate with Him in yours. The promise that you can become the man God created you to be. Join Patrick on this epic adventure of becoming God’s man. You’ll discover how to prevail in tough times and release God’s power in every area of your life.