The Astonishing Concept of Life

I can see the seed, the soil, the sun, and the water. But where does the astonishing idea of combining these things together as "life" come from?

A man and a woman marry. They long to "make" a child. The woman's body is able to construct a baby. Then life. How are these things possible?

"Life" is beautiful and mysterious, but where does life itself come from? And with it, intellect? And purpose, individuality, the desire to build and grow, to love, to do right, and to care about...anything?

Does anyone really, really believe that a few inert rocks got together one day with water and said, "Even though we have no life, intellect, or purpose, let's get together and do something beautiful – let's make a garden?"

Doubtful. If you were hiking in the woods and came across a highly cultivated garden you would probably be surprised, but you would never think it got there by itself.

No Gardener, no garden.