Redefining Our Boss

To be content requires us to redefine our boss. It is the Lord we are serving. Of course, we still have an earthly boss, whether an employer or our customers, but the ultimate boss is God. We are to serve our earthly boss because he holds God’s proxy as our employer. But God still owns the company—He owns everything. He has the final interest in all things.

Shortly after going into business for myself, my partner and I dedicated our company to God. I read a book, God Owns My Business, by Stanley Tam and gave it to my partner. He read it as well, and was equally excited. So we called a board of directors meeting and went to Burger King for lunch (that’s the only place we could afford to eat). We made God the senior partner, and we became the junior partners. Then we endeavored to run our decisions by Him—not perfectly, but we tried. After my partner sold out to me five years later, I continued with God at the helm. It was His company; He was the boss, and we trusted Him to meet our needs. We also worked very hard.

In order to be content, we must redefine who our boss is. The boss we usually want is “me”; the boss we need is God. 

Until every church disciples every man...


(Adapted from the 25th Anniv. Ed. of The Man in the Mirror)