The Distinctives of a Great Bible Study

Every Bible study has its own personality and distinctives. Since starting The Man in the Mirror Bible Study in 1986, we have forged a common set of beliefs about what’s important to us—the distinctives and values that make it work. With over 10,000 men meeting weekly, we think we've found a pretty good formula! So what are the distinctives of a highly effective Bible study? You no doubt can add to the list, but our distinctives include... 

  • Grace—an oasis where men can come at the end of the week and get a drink; men deserve grace just for showing up; show men Christ versus fix their behavior; unconditional acceptance
  • Making disciples—grace-based, application-oriented Bible teaching; change core affections of the heart; heart transformation not behavior modification
  • Changed lives—we measure our profits in changed lives
  • Hurting men—a hospital for men with broken wings; a warming hut at the base of the ski slope; we want men to “feel the love”
  • Egalitarian—a cross-section of our communities; multi-denominational; multi-ethnic
  • Low barriers—no preparation required, just show up
  • Visitors encouraged—welcomed but not put on the spot; “multiple” personal invitations required; a process to assimilate
  • Leaders passionate about discipling men— full throttle after their own discipleship; make weekly reminder calls/texts/emails day before we meet; shepherds not teachers
  • Table Groups—a place where men care about each other personally; the relationship is the task; a hub that extends beyond the Bible study; all tables are “open,” but deep relationships develop
  • Discussion time—at tables after the teaching to flesh out and apply the message; air time for every man every week

If you want to start your own Bible study, tomorrow I'll show you how, or feel free to send me an email at Let's get connected.

Until every church disciples every man...