A Unique Message From God

Anytime someone thinks they have a unique message from God, they don't. When God has something to say, his normal practice is to put that message into the hearts and minds of thousands and tens of thousands of his children.

That is why we are so encouraged about the future of men's discipleship. Pastors, theologians, and Christian leaders everywhere are talking about the urgent necessity of making disciples in general, and of men in particular.

The body of Christ has heard the call and is on the move. In the last 24 months, Jeff Kisiah, our National Field Director, has traveled to approximately 200 cities in 30 states. That puts him in a unique position to offer observations from a national perspective. Jeff says, "The largest church in America is Panera Bread Community Church. Across America there are men's discipleship groups meeting at their local Panera Bread or similar community locations."

Spurred on by the “non-unique” message to "go and make disciples" which God has been giving to leaders worldwide, with power, the institutional church is also increasingly headed in the right direction.

Be encouraged! Discipleship is happening everywhere, and with growing results. When God tells you, "Go and make disciples," you are not alone. There are thousands and tens of thousands of us who have also heard the same message.

Is God calling you to be a disciple maker? Welcome to the ONLY movement on the planet that can bring spiritual revival and awakening. That's the way it has always been. That's the way it will always be. And there is nothing unique about that.

Until every church disciples every man…