Run from Bad Theology

Our theology, how we understand God, affects everything, and bad theology will crush you. 

  • When a young woman's grandmother died she was taught, and believed, to be joyful and not cry because her grandma was in heaven. So she never grieved. 
  • I was taught, and believed, that unless I spoke in tongues I didn't have the Holy Spirit. I tried and couldn't so doubted my faith. 
  • I was taught, and believed, that miracles ceased with the closing of the New Testament canon. So I explained away the miracles happening all around me. 

Run from any theology that...

a) Explains away what God has said about Himself in Scripture, 

b) Requires something of you beyond the Bible, or 

c) Puts limits on God that God does not put on Himself. 

And leave some room for mystery. Never want a God you can fully explain.

Until every church disciples every man…