Why Younger Men Need Older Men: The Elephant Story

When elephants overcrowded South Africa’s Kruger National Park, the government authorized killing adult elephants and relocating their offspring to other parks. As the orphaned male elephants became teenagers, they were clueless about what "normal" male behavior looked like.

When their testosterone levels spiked, the orphaned males turned aggressive. In one park they savagely killed 36 rhinos. A park ranger watched as a young bull knocked over a rhino, trampled it, then drove a tusk through its chest. The situation was out of control.

Then rangers brought six adult bull elephants into one park. They mentored the younger bulls so they could see what normal male behavior looked like. No more rhinos were killed once the mature bulls arrived.

Too many of our young men today are growing up like those young bulls--essentially, "practical" orphans. They're having to "guess" at what normal male behavior looks like. The results are devastating. If you're an employer looking for young men who want to work, or a young woman looking for a responsible young man to marry, you have seen this firsthand.

God has provided a solution–a silver bullet–for these young men to be mentored into manhood: making disciples. Making disciples is about mature men taking younger men under their wings and showing them the ropes. Because it takes a man to teach a man how to be a man. 

Until every church disciples every man...