We Can Scale This Mountain: 6 Men Start Training Today

Since becoming a disciple of Jesus 42 years ago, I have always dreamed of reaching as many men as possible for Jesus. Two great shifts have taken place in these 42 years. First, because of the culture collapsing around us, the mountain we need to climb looks higher and steeper than ever before. Second, because we are now mobilizing so many men, our ability to scale this mountain has never looked more possible.

As with everything we do, we value "steady plodding." But now we are gaining momentum. Every week we are adding a few more boots on the ground--full-time, part-time, paid, volunteer, Area Directors, Bible Study Leaders, Church Leadership Teams, Small Group Leaders, and more. But we don't just recruit and enlist these men, issue them a weapon, and wish them, "Good luck." We have sophisticated training and a highly developed support network that's getting better all the time.

For everyone the first step is training. For those who join our Staff, the initial one-week training is called Ministry Partner Development. And for six enlistees, that training starts today. 

One small squad of men. One magnificent mission. A life worth living.

Please join me in welcoming and praying for these six men and their wives who will join them at the end of the week.

Steve Basht, Maryland and Delaware

Ed Jandt, Riverside County, California

Steve Hess, Ohio

Jeff Baker, Nevada

Chris Ackerson, Tennessee 

Oscar Urquia, Spanish churches, FL

Until every church disciples every man…