Hug Your Kids And Tell Them You Love Them While You Can

Today I'm reminded that life is fragile. I'm reminded how silly our seemingly large grievances, irritations, and perceives slights really are in the big picture. I'm reminded that we don't always have as much time to make things right as we want.

Jim Conklin, a longtime member of our Friday morning Bible study, was riding with friends yesterday on the Maytown Road when he lost control of his motorcycle, swerved into one of his friends, and three good men went down. Jim died. He leaves behind a heartbroken widow, and children with whom he has strained relationships.

It's going to be a hard week for the Conklin's, but one that I know Jim would not want to be wasted. He wanted so much to reconcile his relationships with his children. I know he would want his tragic death to not be in vain. Based on recent comments at my home around a fire pit, I believe Jim would say it's okay for me to pass along that whatever it takes to have right relationships, it's worth it.

So today, whatever "important" reason you may have for withholding contact, forgiveness, grace, love, understanding, not overlooking faults, or mercy – don't put it off another day. Hug your wife and kids. Tell them how much you love them. Tell them how proud you are of them. Don't put off to tomorrow what you can say and do today. Because, as Jim's tragic death reminds us, we never know exactly what's going to happen tomorrow. May God give each of us wisdom to know what to do, and then do it.

Until every church disciples every man…