Understanding Work As An Act of Worship

This week you and I will be awake for about 112 hours, and we’ll likely spend about half of that time working if we include commuting. Yet a lot of us don’t have a good “theology of work”—a biblical understanding. 

The Bible teaches our work is not merely a "platform" to serve God—it is serving God. In other words, we don't simply endure work until a coffee break so we can witness to our co-workers. The work itself is important to God. It has intrinsic value. 

God makes no distinction between sacred and secular work! Paraphrasing Francis Schaeffer, a calling to teach in a Christian school is no higher calling than to be a businessman, a plumber, or something else. That's because God calls us to both "build the kingdom" (the Great Commission, Matthew 28:18-20) and "tend the culture" (the Cultural Mandate, Genesis 1:27-28).

Francis of Assissi was once asked, "If you were out hoeing your garden and learned that Jesus was coming back this afternoon, what would you do?"

He responded, "I would finish hoeing my garden." That's because he understood every vocation is holy to the Lord. God designed work to be an act of worship. The weekend is over, so let's go worship the Lord!

Until every church disciples every man...