A Reason To Make a Year-End Donation To Man in the Mirror

A young woman, Stephanie, came to work at our ministry after graduating from college. When asked why she wanted to work for us she said, “When I was nine my mother and father separated. I saw my dad a few times after that, but when I turned thirteen they divorced. After that, I never saw my father again. But I didn’t just lose my dad, I also lost my mom, because then she had to go to work and wasn’t around much anymore.”

So how do we break the cycle? Yes, we must treat the “presenting problems”—we need more marriage ministries, homeless shelters, prison ministries, and teenage crisis pregnancy centers.  But let’s also attack the underlying disease—the “root problem.” Behind virtually every problem you can think of, there is a man who failed. What pains us so much is that no man wants to fail—no man fails on purpose. But they need help. The short term AND long term solution is to disciple men who, in turn, are trained to disciple others—starting at home. 

Since 1991, we’ve had the joy and privilege of helping 35,000 churches impact 12,000,000 men—men like Stephanie’s father. In fact, through our network we eventually helped this young woman and her father reconcile. It’s hard to describe how moved those of us in leadership were to watch them gazing happily at each other during the father/daughter dance at her wedding.

But our mission is to prevent stories like this from happening in the first place. Would you please pray about a year-end contribution to financially empower us to help every church disciple every man? You can do so at https://www.maninthemirror.org/support-us/donations.

Merry Christmas,