To Go Or Not To Go To Church Today?

Happy Mother's Day everyone! I spent yesterday on track at Sebring International Raceway. Hadn't been on track in a while and did I ever have fun. So today I'm really tired and don't have the energy to do both my regular Sunday AM workout and church. I'll skip the workout, but that got me thinking. I wonder how many people consider going to church to worship and grow with God's people to worship a "toss up" choice, or even their second choice. And that got me wondering. If people have to decide what they're going to do, then do they understand why church should be a regular part of their lives-for God, for their families, for themselves? For some, of course, it's part of their faith struggle. For others, it is where the enemy is now attacking them. Still others battle the selfishness of their own sinful natures. But I suspect for most "toss up" attenders, it could be merely a discipleship issue-not being equipped with the right information, and called and sent to live it out.

Our dearest Father, today we pray for all those who think they're too tired to come to your house to worship you. We pray for all those who don't consider church a "big deal." We pray for all those who feel wounded by others and the pain is telling them withdraw. We pray for all those who feel that you have let them down or even abandoned them, and are trying to decide whether or not to abandon you. Lord, we know their flesh and their adversary will work together to separate and isolate these sheep from your flock, if possible. Today we pray that you would set these captives free. And I especially pray for those who press through, that your Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts today to reach them in a way they never expected, or even thought possible. In fact, Lord, I pray that all of us would be caught off guard today as you sustain us by the power of your Word. For you Jesus, Amen.