The Only Way This Is Going To Happen

God gave you a mission. You were filled with delight at the beginning. You really wanted it to happen for all the right reasons. But now it's so much harder than you thought it would be. So, because you are a faithful Christian, you have doubled down. You are working harder than you've ever worked. Yet things are still not coming together. "Why God? Why have you led me into this mission only for me to fail?" Who among us has not had these thoughts? The problem? We are depending on our own strength and power to succeed. We know that we were saved by faith, but now we are trying to live out that faith in our own strength. Consider this. Since we didn't have the power to save ourselves, why would we now think that we can sanctify ourselves and complete our missions in our own strength? The only solution is to retrace our steps back to that childlike faith in and dependence upon Jesus Christ. That's how we complete the mission. It's the only way this is going to happen.