The 10 Words That Will Change Your Life

I work with men and love it, but every week I meet men who have spent the last 5, 10, 15, or more years living by their own ideas. Life has not turned out like they planned. While they may or may not know what went wrong, they ARE ready for a change. They realize, or are starting to realize, that they need to get to, or back to, more of a biblical Christianity. They want, or miss, the joy, happiness, contentment, meaning, and purpose of the Christian faith. Whether you are a believer or not–yet–a–believer, there are 10 words that will get you where you want to go. Say them humbly. Say them with sincerity. Say them to God. Here they are: "I confess my sins and put my faith in Jesus." Did you say them? If so, congratulations. It's a done deal: You're a Christ follower. Next step? Find someone to mentor (disciple) you. If you don't have someone, email me at and I will give you some direction. Also, you can repeat these 10 words as often as you need forgiveness and/or want to affirm your faith. What a great day!