Mystery Donors Go "All-In" To Establish Area Director

Braden Randall's jaw dropped as he read the email. Someone he'd never met had just committed to invest $100 per month into his budget as an Area Director with Man in the Mirror. Was it a mistake?

Turns out, Braden's wife had been in a Bible study with a woman who overheard her talking about her husband's new role as an Area Director in Northwest Arkansas--Walmart country. The woman remembered that her husband used Man in the Mirror materials, so she thought it would be a good idea for them to support the Randalls' ministry to men right there in their own backyard.

"But that was just the beginning," said Braden. "We had decided to downsize our home, so we put our house up for rent. Because we're so close to Walmart world headquarters, the rental market is very strong. Our home rented in just six days for a price that paid for all our existing home expenses, plus left enough to fully pay for our new rental home."

But when the new mystery donors learned the soon-to-have-another-baby Randalls were moving, they sprang into action yet again. They sent an email that said, "Why don't you live in our fully furnished lake house for the month of March at no charge, and then move into one of our rentals in April as our guests after you have your new baby?" They told the Randalls they had always wanted to have a rental property that could be used for a ministry home. And they wanted them to be the very first missionaries to use it.

Braden said, "It was perfect timing. My pregnant wife was beginning to panic about where we were going to live!"

And Braden still hadn't met them in person.

But the story isn't over. The mystery donors' original plan was for the Randalls to stay in a three-bedroom home they already owned. However, not long after, they called and said, "We're going to go ahead and buy a brand new rental property just for you--a four bedroom home more set up to accommodate your family of six."

When they moved into the mystery donors' lake home for March, they found gifts in each bedroom for their children. "They didn't want our kids to be bored. Can you believe it?!" said Braden.

In addition, their new benefactors have also been providing referrals to other potential donors to the Northwest Arkansas Coalition for Men's Discipleship.

The Randalls are overwhelmed by God's goodness. As Braden put it, "Miracles do happen! God is faithful. God is always on time. And God is continually encouraging. Because of this generosity, my family of six is now living on a household budget that not only has zero housing expense, but we have the income from our rental house to boot. We give all the praise to Jesus."