A Progress Report on Solving the Men Problem

As you know, our nation is in the grip of a devastating “men problem.” The collateral damage in marriages and families has been staggering. For example, 48% of women now prefer cohabitation which, of course, directly reflects their opinion about men. Our once dependable consensus of Judeo-Christian values has been melting faster than a polar ice cap. If the next 25 years is like the last 25 years, life as we have known it will be no more.

The single greatest hope for these men, their marriages, their children, and the world is Jesus Christ. Can you picture help coming from any other direction? Yet the church is struggling mightily to come to grips with this men problem. Man in the Mirror's vision is “for every church to disciple every man.” By God’s grace, He has given us a highly effective strategy that radically and profoundly helps churches: the No Man Left Behind Model and The Journey to Biblical Manhood. God has also given us the Area Director initiative as a way to distribute and help churches implement these precepts, ideas, and resources.

We have good news—the Area Director initiative is a rousing success. We have recruited 88 Area Directors in the first two and a half years since we began interviewing. Of those, 36 men have enough funding to help hundreds of churches disciples their men more effectively. One Area Director, Ron Read, a former pastor from Chicago who is working with more than 40 churches, recently said, “In my 35 years of ministry, this is the most exciting and fruitful opportunity I have ever seen.”

Please pray for us. We need God's continued favor to raise up more full- and part-time Area Directors, new donors who share our concern and vision, and all the other needs of a rapidly expanding organization. Thank you, and God bless you.