Do Something Great With Your Life

Who among us doesn't want to do something great with his life? It's part of our design. For most of us, though, we measure greatness by achievements, accomplishments, accumulation, power, position, prestige, or respect--to name a few. Scripture finds no fault with any of those things. In fact, Jesus inspired his disciples to seek greatness. He even said his disciples will do greater things than He did.

But as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples as an example to follow, they argued about which of them was "the" greatest (Luke 22:24). And there is the problem. Most men would be hard-pressed to describe what true greatness looks like--or if they can, that they're buying it. Jesus said, "That's how the world operates. But you are not like that." And then he redefined greatness. He told them the greatest should be like the least, and the one in charge like one who serves. He said, "I did not come to be served, but to serve."

So what would it look like to do something great with your life today? As difficult as our world is, the world into which Jesus was born was a far more desperate place. Government oppression, a lack of women's rights, economic marriages, child labor, religious legalism, poverty, sickness, and disease. And we know his strategy to solve those problems. He took twelve men aside, discipled them, and inspired them to spend their lives becoming and making other disciples who, in turn, would each change their world. It was a great plan. It still is.

Scripture is clear. However we got into the current situation, the only solution is to disciple our way out.

The urgent necessity today is for men willing to take responsibility for our world. Jesus Christ is the single greatest hope for our families, neighborhoods, and communities. His gospel is the only way to win the battle that rages for the hearts and souls of our children and grandchildren. We desperately need men willing to both "become" and "make" disciples of Jesus. And if you will do this? You will have done something truly great with your life.