Collateral Damage From The "Men Problem"

When you see a single mom waiting tables, what's really going on? As recently as 1970, 85% of children lived with two parents (US Census Bureau). By 2009, children living with two married parents had dropped precipitously to only 65%. Today there are 74,000,000 children in the United States under the age of 18. That means 26,000,000 children, 35% of them, do not live with two married parents. And 96% of the time, it's the dad who is absent.

The American family is in deep crisis, and it’s not because of women, and it’s not because of children. The America family is in crisis because a lot of men are in trouble. The collateral damage for women and children is staggering. Those children are 500% likely to have behavioral problems and end up in poverty.

That single mom waiting tables is on food stamps, often living with her parents, and depends on her mom to take care of her child because she can't afford day care. Men, if your family is in trouble, isn’t it time to ask for help from your church and some mature Christian men? If you’re in good shape, isn’t it time to reach out to a man whose family seems to be falling apart? However we got into the family crisis, the only solution is to disciple our way out.