"I'm not the guy. I'm the guy who knows the guy."

When John the Baptist was asked if he was the Messiah he was quick to say, "No." He said, "I'm not even worthy to untie his shoes. I'm not the guy. I'm the guy who knows the guy."

When someone looking for advice asks us, "Can you help me?" there are two ways to respond. One is to jump on the problem and be the answer man. But whatever advice we can give is terribly limited--do these disciplines, obey these rules, follow these instructions, work harder, put in more effort, try this, try that, do better next time. It's nothing more than behavior modification. 

The other way is much better. When we point people to Jesus we introduce them to one who can actually heal their hearts and change their lives. Christianity is heart transformation, not behavior modification. 

Don't set yourself up as a guru or "go to guy" for advice--whether intentionally or unwittingly. When we do, it's a huge temptation to draw attention to ourselves, to get strokes for our egos or, as CS Lewis would say, to "win worship."

So when someone asks, "Can you help me?" the correct answer is, "No. I'm not the guy, but I know a guy. He is the visible image of the invisible God, all of God in a human body. His name is Jesus. He can help you. Now, what's the problem, and let's figure out his response. Because he is the guy."