Don't Let Yourself Get Isolated

Recently I spoke to a friend who stopped coming to our Friday morning Bible study and stopped going to church. In less than a year, without brothers to walk with him and a church community for his family, his family and work life have been under extreme pressure. On recommendation from a "friend," he has been trying to walk with God on his own by reading his Bible and prayer. But he has little appetite for the spiritual disciplines. Satan loves it when we go into isolation. He is a predator. And as seen on the National Geographic Channel, every predator knows the strategic value of isolation. Once we separate from the community we are sitting ducks. We can't do the Christian life on our own. We are made for relationships. That's where we experience the fullness of the Christian life. That's the way he designed it. Are you living out your faith in community – perhaps in a small group with a few other brothers – or are you trying to be a Lone Ranger Christian? Don't let yourself get isolated, and don't let any of your family members get isolated either. Isolation is the number one strategy of your enemy.