A Possible Subtitle For The Bible

God has done for love what He would do for no other reason. He will never desert you, never abuse you, never fail to forgive you, never hold back His grace, and never condition His love on your performance. He’s determined. He will not be denied.

He sent prophets to tell us. He sent His Son to tell us. He sends His Spirit to tell us. And He wrote it all down so we wouldn't forget it. He just won't to give up on you. That's the plot of the Bible. In fact, the plot would make a great subtitle:

“Loving Father Relentlessly Pursues a Relationship with His Children.”

When we say that God is a loving Father who relentlessly pursues His children, that’s a far cry from a timid God saying, “It sure would be nice if you came home.” It’s more like, “Everything in Me longs to be in right relationship with you. I will make a right relationship happen no matter how much you rebel, no matter how much you draw away—even if I have to orchestrate a worldwide famine like in the parable of the lost son. And if you take too long in coming to Me, I will hunt for you because I love you. You cannot escape My love. You are the object of My undying affection.”

Until every church disciples every man…


(Adapted from Man Alive)