Don't Pressure Men To Believe

Some men are out of control. They've shipwrecked their relationships, sabotaged their careers, and can no longer anesthetize their pain with money, toys, women, drugs, or whatever. They feel desperate. So when the Holy Spirit puts you together with a man like that, he's already falling fast and looking to be rescued. He "needs" to believe that Jesus will save him.

Other men, however, are clearly in control. They have great jobs, wives, families, and they are positive people with real integrity. Everything is going their way. They don't "feel" the "need" for a Lord. They're doing just fine.

For sure, talk with all men about your faith and love for Jesus. But when a man isn't ready and we force the conversation, it only closes his spirit even further to Christ. Satan whispers, "See, you were right. They all really are kooks. They just want to force you to believe like them."

But here's the thing. ALL men at some point genuinely do feel the need for something more. For the generally moral guy whose life is going well, there WILL come a point when life begins to feel meaningless--like Solomon. He WILL reach the place where he doesn't feel like his life has purpose. There WILL come a time when he wonders, "Is this all there is?" It's just unavoidable.

If we will let these men take their time and not browbeat them, then we can be the ones there for them at the end of worldly satisfaction. We can be the ones who help them figure out how to satisfy the deeper longings of the soul. It takes a special kind of spiritual wisdom to respect men this much. Love men for who they are, not who you think they should be. God does. Don't try to pressure men to believe. The Holy Spirit never works like that.