Strong Families Need Strong Men

I'm not sure why the notion that families don't need men has traction in some circles, but 100% of scholarly research finds men crucial to family health. Certainly we need more ministries to help broken families, not less. But let's not forget that a healthy man solves most family problems.

If we can get men right then we will get marriages right, if marriages right then families right, if families right then churches right, and if churches right then the world.

I wish there was a way to create a better link between all parties committed to build and restore strong families (family systems theory).

We'll keep doing our part. Our mission at Man in the Mirror is to help churches more effectively disciple men in all areas, especially as strong leaders for their marriages and families.

There are 330,000 churches in America. We've broken the country into 330 regions of 1,000 churches. We're populating each region with an Area Director and other staff to consult with and resource churches to disciple men in their communities.

Together, we can solve the family crisis. Separately? No chance.