Let's Allow For Each Other's "Illogical Box"

Not everything we do is righteousness or sin. Some things are just poor judgement--or plain stupid.

That's because in addition to the flesh and the Spirit, we also each have what I've started thinking of as "The Illogical Box." Like the rest of Creation, our minds are fallen, and sometimes we don't make sense.

This category has allowed me to be much more gracious toward people who cut in traffic, walk away in the middle of my sentence, don't return phone calls, and hundreds of other illogical but not necessarily sinful actions or words.

Illogical? Yes. Sinful? Not so much.

So the next time someone like your spouse, for example, isn't thinking or talking straight, cut them some slack. We each have an Illogical Box, and the more we make an allowance for each other, the more they will make an allowance for ours!

Until every church disciples every man...