The Four Voices of God

Lord God Almighty, your voice is everywhere all the time. You bombard our ears, our eyes, and our minds constantly, repetitively, unambiguously, and ever so precisely with truth expressed through your uncontainable love. You speak through...

-Your Works in nature, people, and what people can uniquely accomplish;

-Your Word in print and through the voices of your prophets;

-The Witness of your followers; and

-The Whisper of your Holy Spirit to both willing and unwilling hearts.

Yet without the supernatural intervention of your Holy Spirit these messages remain, for the most part, opaque and indecipherable. Give us your Holy Spirit today without measure for such a time as we now face. Whether by Works, Word, Witness, or Whisper, let us hear from you today, O God.

In Jesus name we pray, amen.