The Overarching Goal of the Men's Discipleship Movement

The overarching goal of the Christian men's movement is to restore discipleship as the central mission for the whole church. The world is teetering on moral and spiritual bankruptcy. We all know that. People are increasingly hungry, even desperate, for spiritual truth. We all know this too. Helping people solve these problems is what making disciples is all about.

What gives the men's discipleship movement it's uniquely strategic place is the stunning leverage that comes from discipling a man. There's a progression: If we get men right, we get marriages right. If we get marriages right, we get families right. If we get families right, we get our churches right. And as we get our churches right, we put on display the hope the world so desperately seeks. This is happening right now in every city, town, and village in our land.

So how do we help men solve their problems? Discipleship is not about making "better" men. You see, it's not enough to challenge men to be better husbands, daddies, time managers, and workers – as good as those things are. It's not, "This is what you need to do to be a good Christian." We must be careful we don't condition a man's acceptance on his ability to improve his record (better flesh). That would merely be to pluck him from one failed performance–based system and drop him into an even loftier performance–based system with goals that are, if possible, even more unattainable and more doomed to fail.

Instead, bring men to the foot of the Cross where they negotiate the terms of a full surrender of their lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and teach them to do so every day. That's the deal. Do this, and Jesus will transform their lives. And all their problems and struggles and doubts, at the appointed time, will sort themselves out. They, in turn, will disciple others – beginning at home.

That's what success looks like. That's making disciples. That's the way Jesus did it. That's the way Jesus told us to do it. That's the overarching goal of the men's discipleship movement. Everything else is misdirection.

Until every church disciples every man...