How To Catch On Fire Today

There’s a story about a man who had attended worship services for several years, and then he stopped going.  After several weeks, the pastor went by to visit the man on a chilly night and knocked on the door. The man opened the door and, realizing why the pastor was there, he welcomed him and invited him in. 

They sat down in two chairs before a roaring fire.  The pastor didn't say a thing.  He just watched the flames dancing on top of the hot logs.  After a few minutes, he took the fire tongs, grabbed one of the logs out of the fire, and laid it on the hearth. 

Still not saying anything, he sat back down, staring at the single log smoldering on the hearth. Soon all the glow and warmth left the log, and it began to turn cold.  After a few more minutes, the pastor got up again, took the tongs, grabbed the log and put it back in the fire.  Instantly it burst back into flames. 

The pastor walked to the door, turned, and said, “Goodnight.” 

The man said, “Thank you for coming, Pastor.  I’ll be in church on Sunday.” 

Until every church disciples every man…