A Story That Personalizes The Need To Disciple Men

We love numbers, but here’s a story that personalizes what we’re doing. A young woman came to work at our ministry after graduating from college. When I asked why she wanted to work for us she said, “When I was nine my mother and father separated. I saw my dad a few times after that, but when I turned thirteen they divorced. After that, I never saw my dad again.

“But I didn’t just lose my dad, I also lost my mom, because then she had to go to work and wasn’t around much anymore. So I’m here to help men see how important it is to become a disciple of Jesus so that, hopefully, some other child won’t have to go through what I went through. If I can help prevent just one other child from having to go what I’ve been through, it will be worth it.”

Since 1991, we’ve had the joy and privilege of helping 35,000 churches impact 12,000,000 men—men like the father of this young woman. In fact, through our network we eventually helped this young woman and her father reconcile. It’s hard to describe how moved I was to watch them gazing happily at each other during the father/daughter dance at her wedding.

We hear from other men like this every day, literally, from all over the world to thank us for bringing them to Christ, saving their families, rescuing them from destructive behavior, or helping them make a comeback after a moral failure, divorce, and so much more. Of course, we know Christ is the One doing all this, and we are His servants who give Him all glory.

We believe treating the symptoms of the “men problem” is critical—like teenage pregnancy, food banks, prison ministries, etc. But how do we break the cycle? No matter how we got into the present situation, the only solution is to disciple our way out. Yes, we must treat the presenting problems, but let’s also attack the underlying disease. The short term AND long term solution is to disciple men who, in turn, are trained to disciple others—starting at home. 

Until every church disciples every man…