An Encouraging Report: 1500 New Disciples In Dayton


You'll be encouraged by the report below from Clark Miller, our Area Director for the Dayton, OH region. In less than two years, he has engaged with 51 churches and helped them get 1500 new men into discipleship. And, as you would expect, he is gaining more momentum with each passing month.

What about for the other 89 men currently serving as Area Directors across the country? Their reports tell the same story. Our idea of "boots on the ground" is working. Once activated, Area Directors are covered up with work. God is doing something revolutionary among church leaders and men, and it is a privilege to have His favor to be right in the middle of it.

Please keep us in your prayers. A few men have played a major role in underwriting this effort so far. One man has invested more than $1,500,000, two have given $250,000 each or more, and three more men have invested $100,000 each. Many have invested $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, and $50,000.

So far, we have received more than half the money needed to be self-sustaining by 2017. But at the moment, our finances are looking lean. The summer doldrums is part of it, but also several people are holding off making a final decision to participate for personal reasons.

If God tugs at you to participate financially you can donate here or send my an email at to learn more.

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This is a great story. It's God's story. And we thank you for helping us tell the story. Already thousands of new male disciples are being made. Their families thank you, we thank you, and to God we give all the glory.




The momentum in the book of ACTS describes those coming to Jesus changing from being "ADDED" to the number "MULTIPLYING DAILY" (Acts 4:4, 9:31, KJV). In the MIAMI VALLEY, we are adding, and getting close to our multiplying our numbers! So here's your ROI (Return On Investment) in the Miami Valley:

Dear John and Deb,

The Area Director initiative began here in the Miami Valley in 2012. It started with zero churches and zero men being influenced by the discipleship initiative of an Area Director with Man in the Mirror. None existed.

Because you generously listened to God concerning how to pray and financially support this effort, we were able to begin working with churches in the Miami Valley in October of 2012. This is what's been happening since that time:

  • Actively engaging 51 churches in some way with Man in the Mirror
  • 26 of those are deliberately moving ahead with partnering with their Area Director (me) and implementing either No Man Left Behind (NMLB) and/or the Journey to Biblical Manhood (JBM) to disciple men
  • 12 churches either have or are in the process of establishing start dates for fall or winter
    • In some cases, this fall will be their second or third round of JBM.

The numbers can be broken down further. In those 26 churches, there are:

  • A total of 5,120 men
  • An average of only 58% who know Jesus as Savior rather than just a "good idea"
  • An average of 23-25% who are involved in any growth opportunity other than Sunday morning
  • Also an average of 23-25% who are involved in ministry services (from teaching to the choir to mission work) These numbers represent 11 different denominations and three nondenominational churches. A rough, but conservative estimate of an additional 1,500-1,700 men are being discipled in groups who were not previously engaged. This represents a 29-33% growth rate of those being discipled in two years!

This is your ROI (Return on Investment) of both your prayers and financial support.

This fall, I will be conducting an annual benchmark survey with each of the churches with whom I am working. This will further clarify the numbers and will then also be used to determine:

  • If church attendance of men has increased
    • The assumption is that is has
  • The specific number of new men in discipleship groups
    • This will clarify if the exact number So, this summer has been productive, and this fall looks like we will be signifigant as well; however, I have been able to take some family time to help all three of our kids move, help with the trauma of my mother moving to an assisted living home in NY, and look forward to the pending birth of two additional grandchildren this fall (bringing the total to eight grandchildren for Kim and me). Life is full. Working out of the home, I need to continue to work on creating margins in my life.

Ministry prayer concerns:

  • Five of the churches I am working with have experienced recent pastoral transitions this recently-pray for those transitions to be smooth
  • A pastor in one church I am working with in Troy recently had a stoke, while in the pulpit.
  • I am having discussions with three individuals who live in the greater Miami Valley who are beginning to explore becoming either an Area Director or an Associate Director and work with me-pray for wisdom, discernment and timing
  • And pray for:
    • Churches to move forward on their intentions to disciple their men
    • Men to join the men's leadership team in most of the 51 churches
    • The multiplication of disciples in the Miami Valley and across the nation as 99 Area Directors in various stages of the process are released to serve.
    • Our churches, communities and nation to change as a result of men being discipled and then beginning to live out their faith in Jesus
    • The coalition of churches to grow as I intentionally connect neighboring churches to work together at discipling their men
    • Success as I turn my attention to the raising and increasing of the ministry budget to support our growth And how can I pray for you? I'd love for you to write me a short email, keeping me in touch with what's going on in your life so that I can pray. Best way to reach me is:

Till every man in every church is discipled.

In Jesus, [Clark] Clark