The Men's Book That Almost Never Was

When The Man in the Mirror was first released 25 years ago, publishers Mike Hyatt and Robert Wolgemuth had a warehouse full of books that nobody wanted. It was DOA. What had we been thinking? Did we really think that anyone would want to read what a commercial real estate developer from Central Florida had to say to men?

By God’s grace, they really believed in the core message of the book, so didn’t give up. They like to say, “We had to sell those books or our kids weren’t going to eat!” And then they came up with a crazy idea. They talked 100 Christian bookstores into giving them the names of their 100 best pastor customers. Then they wrote those 10,000 pastors and offered them a complimentary copy of the book if they would come into the store to pick it up. It was good for the pastor—a free book to help them with their men. And it was good for the bookstores—it helped them better acquaint pastors with their stores. Win-win. Besides, there was nothing to lose. The only other option was to donate several pallets of books for a high school bonfire!

And 7,000 pastors took up their offer. They started reading it, quoting from it in sermons, and taking their elder or deacon groups through it. And then, as they in the industry say, the book “got legs” and took off. It’s no secret this is one of the main reasons I have such a special affection for pastors. If not for pastors, I’d still be developing buildings that, let’s face, hasn’t been a very good business for a long time.

I'm honored that both Mike and Robert have endorsed the Revised and Updated 25th Anniversary Edition of The Man in the Mirror....

"I had the privilege of publishing the first edition of The Man in the Mirror in 1989, along with my then-business partner Robert Wolgemuth. As a thirty-four-year-old businessman, husband, and father, I found that this book spoke to me right where I was living. It was as if Pat had been reading my mail. It gave me simple and practical solutions to the issues I was facing. Amazingly, it is just as relevant now as it was then."

Michael Hyatt, New York Times bestselling author

"Only a few books are ever considered 'classics.' But this one qualifies. The original edition in 1989 came directly from the crucible of Patrick Morley’s life as a businessman and committed Christ follower. Brilliantly written in its original publication and now wonderfully updated for a new generation of men, the book has stood the test of time … as has the life of its author. I enthusiastically recommend this book to you.:

Dr. Robert Wolgemuth, bestselling author 

Thanks Mike and Robert! May Jesus Christ be praised.

 Until every church disciples every man…