Are You Caught Up In The Rat Race?

In 1939, Christopher Morley penned the words in his novel Kitty Foyle, “Their own private life gets to be like a rat race.”

In the decades since, the term rat race has evolved to describe the hopeless pursuit of a good life always just out of reach—a treadmill on which we can’t stop walking or we will fall off.

Many of us today are trying to win the wrong race. A lot of men sense that something isn’t quite right about their lives, but they can’t put their finger on the answer. They see that they are more financially successful than their parents, but they suspect they may not be better-off.

If that’s you, isn’t it time to get to, or back, to God’s race?

Until every church disciples every man...


(adapted from the 25th anniv. ed. of The Man in the Mirror)