Nobody Wants An Answer!

My wife and I hosted a going-away party for Ragne (RAWG-knee), an affable Swedish pastor, who spent a year in America to learn how to make his own country come alive for God. He attended a weekly Bible study that met in our home.

After everyone said their farewells, I asked Ragne, "What is the most interesting thing your have learned about Americans?"

Without hesitation he told our group in a thick Scandinavian accent, “Well, when I first got here, everywhere I would go, everyone would always say to me, ‘Ragne, so good to see you. How are you doing?’ It took me about six months to realize—nobody wants an answer!”

It’s a good reminder. To love people is to really want an answer.

Until every church disciples every man...


(adapted from the 25th anniv. ed. of The Man in the Mirror)