A Lesson From Elementary School: The Principle of Diffusion

Do you remember your elementary school teacher demonstrating the 
principle of diffusion? She took an eyedropper and squeezed a drop of red 
food dye into a glass of clear water. In seconds the water was tainted with a 
pinkish hue. To be a cultural Christian in your parents’ generation was to be 
like a clear glass of water with one drop of red dye. In other words, secular 
culture was not that different from Christian culture. That was before Internet 
pornography, abortion on demand, explicit sex during prime-time TV, and the 
like. To be a cultural Christian today is like having the whole bottle of red dye 
poured in the glass.  

Until every church disciples every man…


(Adapted from 25th Anniv. Ed. of The Man in the Mirror)