The Game of Tens

If you think a man can find lasting significance by pursing money, fame, or power, take this pop quiz:

          •       Can you name the ten wealthiest men in the world?

          •       Who are the ten most admired men in America?

          •       Can you name the last ten presidents of the United States?

Even the highest achievers of our society are, as James wrote, vapors that appear for a little while and then vanish (see James 4:14). To go a step further, play the Game of Tens this way:

          •       Name ten family members who love you.

          •       Name the ten most memorable experiences of your life.

          •       Name ten people who will attend your funeral.

Pretty revealing, isn’t it?

Until every church disciples every man...


(adapted from the 25th Anniv. Ed. of The Man in the Mirror)