God’s Immigration Policy: “Our Border Is Open”

There are two worlds of which a Christian must be aware. The first is Broken World to which we all once belonged, whose citizens are held hostage by sin, death, and decay. Our passports were stamped, “Broken.” This is the native “world” Jesus meant when he said, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first” (John 15:17). But the hating only goes in one direction.

The second is Grace World, an invisible kingdom, temporarily visible in what we call the Church, of which we have become naturalized citizens liberated from bondage by Master Jesus. A Christian is someone who has permanently changed his citizenship from the Broken World that is passing away to the Grace World that lasts forever.

God maintains an open border between these two worlds, and that border is Christ and His Cross. The sign reads, "Welcome to the Promised Land. In my Father's house are many rooms. No passport required." 

More than that, citizens of Grace World are routinely “sent” across by Jesus to live as aliens and strangers “in but not of” Broken World. Why? To recruit immigrants and testify to the superiority of living with Jesus in Grace World.

Likewise, citizens of Broken World are urged to seek asylum in Grace World, and many do, taking our oath of allegiance—what we call “the sinner’s prayer,” abandoning all allegiance to any other sovereign.

Some though prefer to remain illegals, trying to have the best of both Worlds, though dual citizenship is not offered as an option. Other visitors find Grace World offensive because it is not yet their time, and they happily return to their misery in Broken World. But the border Cross remains open for them to return whenever they want.

God desires to grow Grace World. His main method to entice the people of Broken World to seek asylum in Grace World is to “send” its citizens back into Broken World to love its people so much they feel compelled to seek citizenship in Grace World. 

God's Immigration Policy: Our border is open. Immigrants are welcome. No one will be turned away. 

Until every church disciples every man...