An Overarching Prayer For The Coming Year

Each year I read through a One Year Bible. A decade ago I started drafting a prayer for the coming year, which I write in the front of the Bible I'm using. Those recorded prayers have become a beautiful record of my spiritual journey. Here's what I'm praying for 2015. Please read it as a prayer for both of us...

MY FAITH: That my faith would be simple, without being simplistic. That I would continue to trust in the truth of God's "inspired, flawless" word that "lasts forever" without doubt. That the statements in God's word about what is true work themselves out in the details of my family. That the mysterious and difficult things I do not and will never understand would not cause me to doubt what I clearly and plainly can and do understand.

MY MISSION: That I will be more loving, sensitive, gracious, and merciful to those whose faith is weak or wavering. That I will be a voice for and to men who are confused, isolated, lonely, afraid, caught up in destructive behaviors, don't feel like their lives matter, don't feel like they have a purpose, lack direction, whose relationships are not healthy, who are caught up in materialism and consumerism, who have exchanged the truth of God for a lie and the glory of God for an idol or idols, who have become lukewarm or apostate or have never known authentic faith. Grant me the words and open their hearts to understand who they are in Jesus.

Thank you for praying. Consider drafting an overarching prayer of your own for 2015. And please join me in reading through the Bible this year. For the glory of Jesus, and no other reason!

Until every church disciples every man...