We Can Be 100% Certain We're NOT Following God’s Will If We Don’t Do This

Men, we can tell our wives and children we love them, but what does it say if we spend Monday night at softball practice, Wednesday night at the church, Saturday on the golf course, and the rest of the time watching TV? 

We each need to do a gut check and answer the question, “Do my wife and children know I am for them by the way I spend my time?” If we fail in this area, we fail completely. 

Here’s the big idea: If we don’t have enough time for our families, we can be 100 percent certain we are not following God’s will for our lives. Let’s make sure we’re giving time to whom time is due. 

(adapted from “Part 2: Solving Our Relationship Problems” of the Revised and Updated The Man in the Mirror 25th Anniversary Edition)