“I’ll Not Have You Ruin a $1,000,000 Child Over a $300 Table!"

Men, when our two children were toddlers, I was uptight about new scratches showing up on our coffee table. This was a real point of contention with my  wife, who could not care less about such matters. Finally, she said, “You leave my children alone! I’ll not have you ruin a million-dollar child over a $300 table!” Wow! It finally connected. I was more interested in a $300 table than the emotional welfare of my kids. I asked Patsy to forgive me and told her, “Let them do whatever they like. When they are grown, we can buy a whole new houseful of furniture.” Can you relate? 

(adapted from “Part 2: Solving Our Relationship Problems” of the Revised and Updated The Man in the Mirror 25th Anniversary Edition) 
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