Why We Need To Meet Face To Face

We need you. We have a compelling problem screaming for an immediate solution that can only be solved by talking it through together. 

First, some background. Twenty years ago there wasn't enough good curriculum to disciple men. Leaders who attended the annual meetings of NCMM (the "National Coalition of Ministries to Men") recognized that as the bottleneck – the one thing "most" holding us back, and began encouraging curriculum developers. 

Today I'm happy to say there is a plethora of good curriculum to disciple men. It has led to an acceleration in men's discipleship. So what's the bottleneck today that, if removed, would most lead to an acceleration in men's discipleship over the next 20 years? 

The bottleneck today – the one thing most holding us back – is for men who have been discipled to turn around and disciple other men. The question is, "How can we solve this problem if we don't get together and talk about it?" History proves that a lot can happen in 20 years if we will be intentional.

We urgently need to inspire and incite churches to mobilize the men who have already been discipled to disciple other men. And for that we need your input. That's the real reason to attend FUEL, the Annual Leaders Meeting of Man in the Mirror. Please join us in four weeks. Here are the details: http://leadersconference.org. 

Until every church disciples every man...

Patrick Morley, PhD
Founder and Chairman, Man in the Mirror