A Question That Can Help Us Cultivate a Servant Heart

Every Christian wants to be a servant because that's part of what it means to be a Christian. But how? 

Being a servant simply means doing whatever Jesus needs to have done at the moment. Jesus has a big goal and a bold strategy. But his personal plan was to care for the immediate needs of the people with whom he crossed paths day by day–temporal as well as eternal. For Jesus, big plans and people are not an "either/or" proposition. For Jesus, people are his plan. So how can we serve more like Jesus?

There is a question that can help us cultivate a servant heart. Look at every situation and instead of asking, “What do I want?” ask, "What does the Master need?" It may be something outrageously big. But it is just as likely, perhaps more likely, that what the Master needs at this moment is for us to say something kind, remain married, buy a homeless man lunch, give your children the time they're due, pick up your neighbor's overturned trash can, share your faith, or simply do your work well. 

Until every church disciples every man...