For Anyone Struggling To Believe

There's an apocryphal story that when ships appeared in the New World, natives didn't "see" the ships on the horizon because they were so foreign to their experience. They had "disbelieving eyes." 

We are all familiar with the statement, "Seeing is believing." Observation is a holy grail of science. But in practice, all of us – natives and scientists alike – tend to see what we are predisposed to see. Factors: Emotion. Upbringing. Bias. We tend to look for evidence to support the decisions we have already made. 

Whether or not the ships story happened, we do have a written record of what happened at Pentecost. People from all over the world were gathered in Jerusalem. For many it was sensory overload when the disciples began speaking in their native tongues. They just couldn't accept it. Even after they saw and heard it first hand. So they said, "They must be drunk." (Acts 2).

But others believed and their eyes were opened to the truth. It's a good place to start. That's because sometimes, "Believing is seeing." 

Until every church disciples great man…