Sometimes We're Not Being Sinful, Just Stupid

For years I had wanted a radar detector. Why? I couldn’t say, because I don’t generally drive in places where I would need one. And I’ve only had a handful of tickets. Maybe I thought I would get even fewer tickets with a radar detector, or none at all. Whatever my convoluted reasoning, I didn’t want it so I could drive faster.  I just wanted one. It seemed like a cool idea to know where the cop was before he knew where I was.

So I bought one. It came in the mail and I told my wife what I had done. She said, “Are you out of your stupid mind? What were you thinking?” Within fifteen minutes I realized I needed to take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee.

It’s worth distinguishing between an error in judgment and an integrity problem. Have I done something dishonest or immoral? Yes, that needs to be dealt with. But sometimes we’re just stupid.

Until every church disciples every man…