To Solve The "Men Problem" We Must First Solve The "Church Problem"

Discipleship is God's designated way to release the power of His gospel on every problem men face--problems like marriage, money, and meaning. But most Christian men are like enlistees who were issued a rifle that they've never learned how to clean and shoot. As a result, they're not doing very well on the battlefield. In fact, they're getting slaughtered. And the collateral damage to their families is staggering.

How do we solve this "men problem"? The only two institutions specifically chartered to raise up strong, capable men are the family and the church. But families don't feel equipped. Many are in survival mode. That's why most families, at some point, turn to churches for expert help. But while churches know that discipling men as husbands, fathers, and citizens is a high priority, most simply don't know how to provide the proper training, tools, and ongoing support men need. We have a "men problem" largely because we have a "church problem."

Unless and until the church can disciple men as effectively as the Army trains soldiers for combat, can you picture God bringing spiritual revival and awakening to our homes and communities? It's hard to imagine, isn't it?

That's where we come in. Our vision at Man in the Mirror is "for every church to disciple every man." We are assembling an elite group of church consultants – akin to "military advisers" – to train churches in the highly regarded No Man Left Behind Model. So far we have appointed 93 full and part-time men in 33 states.

Please join me in welcoming our five newest field staff to "the battle for men's souls"…

  • Tyler Sutton (AZ)
  • Will Townshend (AR)
  • Nathan Curry (GA)
  • Roy Stutzer (WA)
  • Lunel Desravines (FL)

Our plan is to put "boots on the ground" in every community – including yours – so that every willing church can disciple every willing man. Learn the four ways you can get more involved at For the glory of Christ and no other reason...

Until every church disciples every man...