Don’t Succeed At Work While Failing At Home

Men, let’s be honest. Work can be intoxicating. At work we don’t have to deal with unpredictable emotions and whiny kids. Not only is work a place to escape to, but the thrill of the deal awaits.

As someone who works with men as my vocation, I can tell you that most of us have relationships that hurt—with wives, kids, parents, even friends. We tend to wound the ones we love the most. And they wound us too. Here’s something you already know: No amount of success at work will ever be enough to compensate for failure at home. Don’t end up as the guy who succeeds at work but fails at home.

(adapted from “Part 2: Solving Our Relationship Problems” of the Revised and Updated The Man in the Mirror 25th Anniversary Edition)

Until every church disciples every man…