Prioritize Everything Based On Who Will Cry At Your Funeral

Men, when our children were young, my business took off. My wife and I started getting invited to all kinds of business and community functions. But that meant shortchanging time with our kids. Patsy saw it first. I kept telling her, “We’ve arrived!” She said, “Yes, but at the wrong place.”

One evening when we reviewed our calendar and a stack of invites, the thought came, Why not prioritize everything we do on the basis of who’s going to be crying at our funeral? So we did it. This simple question—Who’s going to be crying at my funeral?—saved our family. Why should you and I give ourselves to people who don’t love us, at the expense of those who do?

(adapted from “Part 2: Solving Our Relationship Problems” of the Revised and Updated The Man in the Mirror 25th Anniversary Edition)

Until every church disciples every man…