Something Beautiful: How One Man Is Reaching Other Men

My friend Victor, an American citizen born in Honduras, has a burden for Central America. He recently went on a missions trip to his native land. His team traveled to several mountain villages, most of which did not have electricity. They had to pack in a generator to run their laptops and projector.

In one Honduran village thirty-four men assembled for a men’s seminar on Success That Matters. The pastor was astonished because no one could remember that many men coming together for a spiritual reason in the history of that village. In that region, a church typically has only two or three men and the rest are women.

In those remote villages, men don’t respect women. Fathers routinely abuse their children, both physically and verbally. Against that backdrop, Victor spoke to those men about what it means to be a godly man, husband, and father.

And then something beautiful happened. The very next day, wives came to the pastor and said, “I cannot tell you what a change has taken place in just twenty-four hours.”

Three months later a revisit to that village found the number of men attending its seven small churches had doubled, and 150 men were serving God and doing ministry. Many of those men have to walk three hours on dangerous mountain trails to get to the meeting place.

And it all started with a burden. God called Victor to step into a vacuum of knowledge about God and what it means to be a godly man, husband, and father in Honduras. He felt the burden of God and he went, and he has begun to redeem that part of creation.

Can you imagine how happy those wives and children are going to be over the next several decades because this one man cared so much? Those seven villages will never be the same.

Until we reach every man...


(excerpt from How God Makes Men)