52 Days Til Christmas...An Opportunity to Engage Men

by Brett Clemmer

I know some people start thinking about Christmas in November (or even October!) and are halfway through their Christmas shopping lists by Thanksgiving. But as a guy, I tend to think linearly: one thing, then the next. Christmas is barely on my mind until the day after Thanksgiving.

Not this year.

This year I'm thinking ahead about Christmas. More than ever, I want Christmas to be an opportunity to proclaim the gospel. One of the benefits of an increasingly secular society is the contrast between the church and the culture. The world doesn't love people like Christ and his church do. The Christmas story is the perfect example of that.

So this year, I invite you to ramp up your efforts to invite people to church for that Christmas play or musical, Christmas eve service or a Christmas party or dinner in your home. Here are three easy ideas to capture the momentum of the Christmas season to reach more men, all using a tool from Man in the Mirror - Books by the Box:

  1. At work: pick one of the books from Books by the Box - like The Man in the Mirror, and give every man in your office a copy of the book. Place a note in each book inviting them to a Christmas program you have coming up with their family, and over to your house afterwards for a family-oriented Christmas party. Consider a weekly lunchtime discussion group for those interested in reading the book together.
  2. Help your congregation capture the meaning of Advent with the devotional, Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. Key off some of these classic devotionals in sermons and Sunday School classes in the weeks leading up to Christmas to encourage everyone to read the devotions together.
  3. Select a title like The Case for Christ or Is Christianity for You? to give every person that visits your church during the Christmas season. Offer a short 4-week "Exploring Christianity class using one of the books as your outline.

Don't wait til December 1 to start thinking about Christmas. Plan now to share the news the angels brought, "good news of great joy that will be for all the people." (Luke 2:10)

Brett Clemmer is our VP of Leadership Development, training, speaking and writing on behalf of the ministry since 2000. Along with Patrick Morley and David Delk, Brett is the co-author of No Man Left Behind. Brett married Kimberly in 1991, and they have a daughter and son, both in college.