Why Building Long Term Relationships Is The Most Likely Way To Change The World

There are many powerful forces at work in the world – money, power, beauty, brains, innovation, media, movies, music, bullets, bombs, civil disobedience, protests, governments, religion, suffering, and many more.

But one force towers above all others as the singular most powerful force in the world. And that is a relationship. For example, even in the most important meeting of our careers, we would all excuse ourselves to take a panicky phone call from home.

When Americans have a problem we ask, "How do we fix this problem?" When the Chinese have a problem they ask a different question. They ask, "What are the relationships we need to put into place to solve this problem?"

Score one for the Chinese! Actually, they simply emulate Jesus. 

No one had bigger problems to solve than Jesus. Yet his method was not to "fix" the symptoms with governments and spending programs and the like. 

The method of Jesus was to build relationships and disciple a dozen men who would, in turn, build relationships and disciples others.

And the motive force behind those relationships is love. 

Jesus said, "A new command I give you: As I have loved you so you also must love one another. All men will know you are my disciples if you love one another" (John 13:34–35). 

Love is how we can demonstrate to a watching world weary of Christian talky-talk that we really are authentic followers of Jesus.

So what is the most likely way to change the world? 

Building long term relationships.

Because the most powerful force in the world is a relationship. 

Because relationships make us care about other people in a way nothing else can accomplish.

Because of all the forces that can be resisted, the most difficult to resist is a relationship.

Because we will do for love what we will do for no other reason.

Good: What are the relationships you need to put into place to solve the problems you face?

Better: What are the relationships the broken-hearted person God has put in your life needs to put into place to solve their problems? 

Best: How can we help them build a relationship with the Great Physician?

The most likely way of changing the world is to build long term relationships. 

Until we reach every man...