"It Isn't Easy To Get Her Out Of My Mind"

One of our Field Staff, Dr. Clark Miller, helped two churches host Success That Matters seminars attended by 110 men. He writes,

“Forty of those men re-surrendered their lives to Jesus and two men made first time professions of faith. 80% of those men went into the six-week follow-up groups, and those numbers actually grew in the six weeks that followed. 80% of those guys continued in groups for a longer study.

"Reports are coming in of marriages being healed; the journey to find freedom from porn is happening as men are asking for and finding help from their brothers; and men are learning how to live out their faith and enjoying the journey together with other men.

"One man, in particular, Brian (not real name) has been married for 12 years. Several of those early years he on the mission field with his wife. Returning home, he started a journeyman’s apprenticeship program in a skilled trade and now has four children and were recently were able to buy a house.

"Wanting to stay in shape, Brian built a gym in his new garage. However, winters in Ohio can be brutally cold, especially in unheated garages, so he switched to a local gym where a female friend of the family worked out.

"Working out together, they quickly became more than workout partners and soon was contemplating how to divorce his wife for this friend he became very attached to and involved with.  

"Attending a Success That Matters Seminar in the Miami Valley, the Lord brought him to his senses. He recommitted his life to the Lord and to his wife. Later that week, he confessed to his wife and eventually to his wife’s family, joined a men’s group to hold him accountable, and turned in his gym membership.

"I'll never forget him telling me in the process, 'I never imagined the ripple effect of my sinful indiscretion.' 

"In October, Brian, his wife and I had a funeral service in my back yard burying a symbol of the affair in my compost pile, and he then read a letter of apology to his wife and made a recommitment to his covenant vows.

"Brian now meets weekly with a group of men to grow spiritually together and fasts one day a week, both as spiritual disciplines to stay on the straight track.

"'It isn’t easy to get her out of my mind, but I’m putting the safeguards in place so I won’t fall again.' 

"God is moving in the Miami Valley and men are waking up and finding healing from the sin that so easily entraps and numbs us.”

Until we reach every man...