God Did Not Design a Plan That Depends on Extraordinary Men

When Paul wrote, "Entrust the things you have heard me say to faithful men who will also be qualified to teach others," he did not mean you have to earn a disciple-making diploma.

The problem in our culture is that the word "qualified" infers you passed the test and you have the diploma. All qualified means in the original language is sufficient

God did not design a plan that depends on the effort of an extraordinary man. You don't have to get a diploma before you can qualify to reach out to other men.

What Paul actually said is that if you will be a faithful man, then that is your qualification.

Beautifully simple, God designed a plan that succeeds on the faithful efforts of ordinary men. Faithful is sufficient. Ordinary is enough.

So there’s no reason to wait to reach other men. In fact, unnecessary waiting may even be a sign of being unfaithful!

Until we reach every man...